Hamilton Student Housing Off Campus Rentals: For Students at McMaster University, McMaster, MAC
Hamilton Student Housing Off Campus Rentals: For Students at McMaster University, McMaster, MAC


McMaster University Student Testimonial Letters Say?

--- "Professional, Responsive,
and Ethical Landlord"

---"My daughter was safe"

--- "Commitments Kept"

--- "I felt respected, cared and safe"

---"For 3 years we 6 women were his tenants ---- trust never breached"

--- "Clear & Impressive Lease"

--- "Lease treats health, safety, and security as top priority"

---"Truly Exceptional Service"

---"Very Transparent"

---"Our relationship has exceeded all expectations"

---"Excellent Service"

--- "Forthright, Factual, Fair"

---"No confusion as to what is expected from him and us"

---"Keeps Commitments"

---"Outstanding Landlords"

---"Superlative Service"

---"An exceptional level of customer service & high standard of living"

---"I cannot recommed Sam Chakraborty enough"

---"Our safety & comfort are (his) top priority at all times"

---"We 5 women, truly appreciated the respect, courtesy, and trust with which you treated us."

---"Fair, consistent, and honest"

---"Thank You - for a good home, respect, and professionalism"

---"Our group of girls has had a great experience living off campus ---."

---"I recognized Sam as a straightforward and honest person."

---"He has provided me with a fantastic off-campus living experience."

---"He has been a conscientious, respectful and diligent landlord."

---"I recommend Sam as a great landlord to McMaster students."

McMaster Students PERSONAL SAFETY -

Our Off-Campus Student Houses Housing - 5, 6, 7 Bedrooms House Rentals Only for McMaster Groups.

We dont rent out rooms nor sign individual leases.

No Strangers in the House.

You Select Group-Mates.



McMaster Students - Rent Modern Affordable Student House Housing 2014-15

Clean Modern Code Compliant Safe --- 5 6 7 Bedrooms Houses Group-Lease Rentals

Good Houses + Great Locations + Superb Service ===> What Students Say !!!


Residential Tenancies Act (RTA)

Landlord Guarantee --- Houses Clean, Fully Functional, Code-Compliant, with 24/7 Service, Property Insurance.  Leasing

Lessee Liability
 --- Rent, Utilities, By Laws, Cleaning, Upkeep, Damage, Parties, Student Insurance, and Loss caused due to Acts of Lessee - Court Order 

Safety 1st --- All Basement Bedrooms Compliant 
Ont. Fire Code 213/07-B-9.3.3, Ont. Build. Code, IBC R310.2 -  Window Exit Systems  Egress < 60 Seconds


Protecting Students


Lessee ---
 must -  scrutinize Lease < Looking to Rent  Lease is at McMaster Off Campus Housing Office (Manager - 905-525-9140 x 27201)

Lessee ---
  must - inspect Property State < Acceptance from Landlord  Fully Cleaned, Waste/Damage/Fine Free, Functional, Code Compliant


Landlord --- must - inspect Property State < Returned by Vacated Lessee  To Be IN SAME State as Lessee Acceptance OR  Costs Paid by Lessee




Detailed House Specs --- 2014-15 Rentals

Please Click 
'address'  for Off-Campus Housing 5 6 7 Bedrooms House SPEC (Houses Marked Leased are not available in Lease Term).


Our 5 6 7 Bedroom Student Housing Houses for McMaster Students 
IN PROCESS of Being Leased 2014-15 --- Will Show as 


Hamilton Student Housing Off Campus Rentals: For Students at McMaster University, McMaster, MAC  
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